Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

With the introduction of affordable Smart Phones, everyone is going mobile.  Today, more and more people are accessing the internet from their phones rather than their pc’s and laptops. 


If your website is not mobile friendly, chances are your prospects are finding your competitors first. 


Don’t be left behind............ let the Mobile Marketing Experts at The Taynor Group help. 


We will design an affordable video mobile website that puts you on the cutting edge and leaves your competitors in the dust!


Lead….. Don’t follow........ 


Capture those clients searching with mobile before your competitors do.


The Taynor Group can help!

Website Design

Website Design


The Taynor Group specializes in affordable web design for mobile sites, iPads, Laptops and PC's that will make your company stand out from all of your competitors.  We will build your website so that your potential clients understand exactly what you are marketing to them with the goal of getting your potential clients to take action today.


Our team of experts will provide bold and innovative solutions to help you accomplish your business, corporate and individual goals.


Video Production

Video Production


In today’s competitive marketplace, you need video to successfully market your company, product and services.  People simply do not have time to read about you and your product; but, they will take time to view a professional video presentation........ if, that presentation is a quality production. 


That’s where we come in…..


The Taynor Group video production experts will build an affordable high quality video for you that will get results. 


We make it easy!


Tell us what your goal is…. and, we will make it happen for you…. with video!


Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing


According to Wikipedia, Internet Marketing ties together the creative and technical aspects of the internet; including design, development, advertising and sales. 


This sounds very difficult; so, let’s make it simple…..


Hire the affordable Internet Marketing Experts at The Taynor Group to promote your business, product and services via the internet. 


Let us do the work!


We will drive qualified prospects to your business and generate sales for you for far less money than you could ever imagine. 


We will increase your gross sales while lowering you cost of sales!

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